The Most Important When Buy A Baby High Chair

If you’re first time parent, this is probably one of your most important concerns. Even if you’ve had a few children, we all want our children to be safe. Safety should be the utmost priority. You don’t want your child getting their skins or fingers pinched on hinges that come with foldable high chairs. You also want to make sure that hinge mechanism stay open. Also, I tried to look for straps that are easy to use but not flimsy like the ones you see in restaurants. The tray ought to be sleek on prime and beneath, with no exposed screws, bolts or nuts. I’ve heard some stories about children getting hurt from portable high chairs and booster seats. But personally, the simpler it is, the safer it is.

So What You Want To Avoid?

baby high chairsWait, didn’t I just recommend a plastic high chair as one of the best high chair under $30? Yes, I did. Let me explain my reasoning. I understand that not everyone can afford a wooden high chair, but still want to provide the next best thing. Since I wanted to provide you with the best possible high chair available and thinking about people’s budget, I’m only recommending the Fisher Price High Chair. I don’t personally own one but from other customer reviews, this is really the best available. However, I will always recommend a wooden high chair for so many reasons. But here are some reasons why I would avoid these plastic high chairs:

  1. Very cheaply made in China.
  2. Ugly. I honestly think that plastic high chairs are one of the more expensive eyesore you can buy to put in your house.
  3. Unsafe. I’ve heard so many horror stories from plastic high chairs such as children tipping over, skins getting pinched and a lot of other nightmare stories.
  4. Since they’re so poorly designed, most plastic high chairs have a very large crevices, which means food falls into them and makes it’s very annoying to clean and maintain.

There is one benefit to these plastic high chair and that’s price, sort of. You see, I understand the attractive price point of a plastic high chairs but if you think in terms of long term say (2 years) they really aren’t that much cheaper. Fundamentally, these chairs were only designed to last your child for about a year because they are made to fit for certain ages. This means that as your child quickly grows, they will also quickly outgrow these chairs. You would then have to buy a bigger chair, which will cost you another $30. That means you’ve spent $60 for two ugly plastic high chairs. For $60, you could have invested in a wooden high chair that will last for your entire child’s life. I know of people who’ve had their wooden high chair since they were infants and who still use them today. So remember, there really are a lot of options available but the best high chair for you is one that meets your standards of safety, durability, design, and price.